4 May 2013

Summer Chic

Hey hey!
White and summer are complementary.. You give summer white it will vanish half of your problems- reflects heat- works the light breeeze-no sweat stains- and who doesnt want to look angelic and pretty?
Like how I look in these pictures-bleh- lol

clutch- esbeda, metro pink pointy shoes, necklace - bandra, dress- ginger, belt - asos.com, 
Fossil rosegold watch

My exams got over a dayback, and I am really looking forward for the next phase (I am a graduate now!) But since I missed out on so many sitcoms for the last two months I have been watching them continuously.

Ok, honest confessions, I have a hard time to come out of movies, like I am not kidding. The other day I watched Iron Man, and I just felt all of what Spark's character was saying, like it was intended for me, (I mean they showed the emotional side of him but I took it as, it was all for me). Like how crazy am I?

So, my friend forces me to watch movies, and onetime he asked me to watch Thor before watching Avengers, to understand the movie clearly and the superheroes too. OMFG, why did I watch it, I thought for 3 days that someone is up there with all the evil powers and the demi god is going to protect all of us.
And its not just with movies but also sitcoms - especially Supernatural. I remember asking my sister after watching a season that 'this is not true, right?' cause I don't know a writer is making up crazy shit where a child (a ghost) is roaming with a knife killing people and then eating the organs and killing that child is SOMEONE'S JOB or doesn't Leviathans, vessels, word of god, Purgatory sound fancy? I would want to hunt down ghosts and demons and later have an heart-to-heart with The Death. And I am not even going to begin with The Game of thrones. just ending it there.

I think its normal, right? I see my guy friends enacting an Avenger all the time or even when I look to my left, I see my Dad. Who thinks he is a James Bond, for legit (The man opens house doors as if there is an enemy on the other end with a gun in his hand).  So I can't be the only crazy one.:p

C'est fini,



  1. the post exams season is so sitcom addictive no..i used to watch sitcoms after my exams like anything!!!

    Liking ur soft lace dress!! and the lip color!!


  2. Bella la clutch


  3. Beautifulll! =)

    You look so pretty!

    Thanks for comment on my blog! =)


  4. Let me say that I really love this outfit !!!! OMG its gorgeous !!!

  5. I love your blog! It's great :) You are amazing! Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)
    Kisses ♥♥♥

    1. Sure I will check out ur blog!
      thanks for visiting

  6. Very nice and that pink pimps and bag are sooo nice. Have a great day.


  7. Wow! such a pretty dress and you look so fab in it! I loved your studded sling bag :)

  8. funny and chic MIX!!! kisses

  9. You look fantastic! Love the pink touch! <3<3

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  10. I think you look amazing! I love the white dress and how you accented it with bold pretty colors! I sometimes get way to into movies too, especially if they're scary!
    Have a great day!
    xo Hannah

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    1. Hahahaha, thank goodness.... It's göod to know many of us get carried away watching movies

  11. Hahah..we all have our quirks! Love the outfit! You look angelic :)

  12. so cute!!!!



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