21 September 2012

Make-up & Accessories Space.

Hey Guys, 
Today's post is all about make-up/accessories organization space (that was quite a mouthful). Here, I show you how you can store you jewellery/make-up,make it visually attractive & also use it as a part of your room decor. 

I was searching for a nail paint holder (this & this) and that is when I decided to totally de-clutter my drawers from all of the mess and organize it, so that I can see my stuff . 
The image below is the second half of the work table (the first half is the computer section).
I have this petite decoration framebox on the side where I put my make-up (it was meant for room accessories), and some flower crystals to add color, candles, a frame of Goddess Saraswati (click the link and you will come to know WHY?), a picture frame (you have seen her here) with my friend, Mom and Dad's anniversary present - a snowglobe and some knick-knacks.

 At the bottom I have my eyeshadow pallets, loose eye shadow, to the left  are M.A.C face products. The upper half is my lip gloss/lipstick section .

The topmost row stores my nailpaints (Only the ones which I think are Fall ready) and besides that I have my Oriental Princess makeup. Below that I have a bodybutter, and a cream blush and to the right I have my two highly used face powders. The white one is Maybelline and the pink is from Avon.

Now we shall see how I store my accessories and eye make-up. I keep my eye makeup inside cupboards, as it collects a lot dust outside and you don't want any kind of infection on them, do you?

I right now store my accessories in boxes, trays, mugs, cookie jars, dust bags etc etcin my two drawers. But I do want them organized and de-cluttered. Maybe I will attach screws on the last row of my make-up frame box and hang it on the wall, I can then hang all my neck-pieces on them, Sounds cool!

 This was actually a perfume tray, but now I keep all random stuff. This needs help right now!
Btw, I am a total hoarder for boxes, anything pretty and it stays in my cupboard till I find something good to do with it.

 This tiny little box is a tablet box, again used by me to keep all my real jewellery.

 This box here came, with travel size containers for lotions/shampoos/etc etc. I store all of them in my travel pouch so I didn't need this box anyway. I store all my big earrings/hair pins.

 This is a jewellery box, but here (That's me) I store all of my eye makeup, and I don't know how the hell did my lip balm land there.

 Again gifted for my parents, stole the black one (there were two) and this coffee mug is to store bangles/bracelets.

These are my two drawers which miraculously fit the world (read the above trays/boxes/mugs) in them. They are a mess, but its ok, I am sure you would understand! 
You see boxes, don't you. Wait I have more, just not here! 

This is the fun part of my cupoard, My belts/clutches/sling bags section. I love it here. 
The door has a set of hooks to which I hang my belts, a dust bag where I keep all my clutches and sling bags.
That Only bag has my new clothes which I didn't wear yet.
That holder is a great idea to keep all your belts which don't have a hook to hang them on screws. 
Beneath this I have a picture of my imaginary store . 

All my sisters and my handbags are neatly tucked in a side cupboard besides my wardrobe. 
Hair products, Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers etc etc, again go in the side cupboard.

How do you guys store your make-up and accessories? Do let me know in the comment section below!

C'est fini

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  1. Oh my god girl, you're pretty organized!
    You should see mine....I bet you won't be able to tell what the hell is there inside that closet-like thing! Way to go for you.


    1. Lol my desk is cleaned only for this blog purpose!
      Otherwise I have books, keys, camera loosely hanging around on them

      So you do have company here

  2. I like your organization of makeup and accessories
    I have given a like you on facebook! !'m very happy if you do the same
    Have a wonderful weekend!! and my G+ for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. Woh! You definitely organise your things well.
    Reminds me to do mine. It's a pure mess.


  4. greats things dear!!
    xoxo and have a nice weekend=)

  5. awesome collection
    i try to keep them organise always :)

  6. Cool Gargi !! I am sure more than organizing it was tough clicking pics and presting them in the post :) Thumbs-up for the efforts !!

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

    1. Haahaha,
      only a fellow blogger will understand the efforts!

      Thank you :D

  7. You have a really nice collection of..everything, hehe :D

  8. Nice storage ideas! I store my makeup in clear acrylic containers which have drawers in them, they are so nice!
    I like your blog, following you now, hope you can visit my blog too and follow back :)


    1. I have seen those too, you know.
      But we don't find them here in India!

  9. OMG! You really have that much cosmetics :D

    Hugs, Lona

  10. i really like your organization.... shelves are a great idea!!!

    FASHION BLOG by MiriamStella

  11. So great post!!!
    You doing a great job here.

    WE can follow each ohter if you want :)




  12. Oh no I am SOOO lazy! LOL! I definitely need to do the same thing! Thanks for your tips and tricks darling!
    xoxo Darby

    Obviously Obsessed 

  13. you are sorted lady!!
    really really neatly stacked stuff!!
    wish i could be the same :)


  14. good job,,, it looks very organised and neat now. Congs. I have been planning to do mine to, but has been on procrastination mode


  15. Very Organized Gargi! :) I must say, I love the colours and all of that. :)

    New post is up! :)

  16. nice post!
    we would love you to visit our blog and if you like it please feel free to follow us via GFC and bloglovin!
    xoxo. A

  17. You are one very organized young lady...

  18. u have arranged all ur accessories n other stuff so neatly.. Nice! :) My mom does that for us :P

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  19. I like the organization of your stuff.

  20. I like how everything is organized, I really need to do something similar because my space is a mess!

  21. Great collection! All on this pics are so cute!! <3<3
    kisses dear! xoxo

  22. That's a fabulous collection! Love it!
    That snowglobe reminds me of Om Shanti Om!!! Lolz! :)
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow via GFC & FB, if you like and let me know with a comment! :)

  23. it sure is a tough job re-arranging the stuff. i liked the crystal flower idea of yours. that makes the make up frame box a lil more girly and colorful... since a lot of your stuff is in boxes! again a grt idea because India is a dusty country!


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