29 April 2012

Summer 2012.

           I don't know about 365 but I am sure this time around its going to be more than 120 days of summer, so keeping our wardrobe packed with summer clothes is a good choice.
You can go shopping once and buy everything or like me, make your trips into installments and collect items during each trip.

Summer habits every year!

  1. Keep Clean
  2. Keep cool
  3. Keep sun blocked
  4. Keep bright
Summer habits for 2012!    
Lace & Sheer, Print with print, Wedges, Coloured denims, Gold, Maxi and mini, Vintage, Pastel, neon, Bohemian, Colours like:-  red, yellow, cobalt blue, emerald green, tangerine are really in. Showing mid riff looks quite Carrie Bradshaw-esque and super trendy, Peplum. .....excited? Read below-

1.) Got nothing specific? Classes/Shopping/Outdoors Chores, then this is the perfect go to outfit -  

Spotted - Print on print, bright colors, pastels
Believe me, If I see this outfit on a mannequin I would whisk my hair and say NEXT!
But if played with the print cleverly then this looks hot and happening, just throw a sheer printed blouse on a printed shirt.
Start with black+white stripes  (basic prints) and move ahead to geometric, floral, animal, aztec prints!

2.)Feeling Blue? Try Bohemian for a change-

Spotted- mid riff, lace & sheer, gold, prints, bohemian, pastels, wedges.
Perfect way to flaunt your mid riff in India, I have seen these bustiers for quite some time (forever new/bandra boutiques). Blend these meticulously over sheer or lace shirts and act crazy or not!

3.)The Fancy party. No I don't mean a party exactly, but girls (an indecisive finger pointing towards me) who dress up for point 1.)Classes/Shopping/Outdoors Chores.......What? Its fun.

Spotted - peplum, pastels, neon, bright colors, colored denims.
I would wear this for an afternoon date, lunch with friends, shopping.
Need this clutch? click here

4.)After Dark. 

Spotted - neon, gold, lace, pastels, color block.
My favorite outfit right now, not to mention imaginary.
So I wear this at a night club and people (girls especially) look at my radiating neonic outfit, I have my swagger walk like a runway model, a wink here- I get a table, a wink there - and I am already grooving to my fav' song Dance Again. Simple ain't it?
How can you not love lace+ color blocking heels+neon pink all at the same time. ?

5.) Choose one extreme! or both!

Spotted - prints, bright colors, pastels, maxi and mini
I love ANYTHING high waisted. Hence I also share a strong relationship with skirts, be it mini or maxi or asymmetrical . Midi's for me are out of the picture completely!

6.)The 24hours story.

Spotted - wedges, neons, pastels, cobalt blue, mid riff.
You have a brunch followed by a quick shopping trip to buy gifts for a dinner party at night. Do you, do you? I always have to deal with such crisis (Yes I call it a crisis, cause I don't work in stressful situations)   My tip - keep it simple in the morning, and add a blazer and a painted pout with bright-bright accessories. 

So my list has 6 different outfits and all have different individual items. Here is an another list (short one) showcasing some important items from the above.
  1. Wedges
  2. Sheer Blouses
  3. Colored denims
  4. Pretty Skirts
So the next time you go shopping you have a detailed list of things which are right on trend.

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C'est fini


  1. i love the stripes, all great spring/summer outfits

  2. being an indian you know as well as i do how hot it gets here and how difficult it is convince self you need to where proper clothes and cannot walk out like a hobo!!love all your suggestions!!this summer i pledge to be as stylish as i can be in this heat!

  3. Amazing outfits ! amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?

  4. I have been following your blog for sometime now. Great work here! I just started my fashion blog and would love to have you visit and read my first post. Look forward to your candid feedback.

  5. I love the idea of bustiers under sheer tops; what a great concept! Definitely going to try that out! x

    Love, Miffalicious.

  6. The first outfit is amazing!

    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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