24 March 2012

Easy Smokey Eye-make-up

     Smokey eyes have always been a less traveled territory for me. I have never really cared that for my eye make-up. A quick black eye-kajal on my waterline & silver eye shadow {preferably Maybelline's eye studio white liner} on my inner tear dots.
       Just recently {I think} August '11, I started collecting eye shadows for myself. And that gave a start to thousands of trials and errors and constant you-tubing!
      Okay so finally, I have been able to master the art of a Smokey eye! When I say a smokey eye "here" I meant using two or more colors to create it.

So lets begin, I used Revlon's CustomEyes Smoky Sexy no.35 for this look, and I also used a silver eye shadow from the other palette called Mettalic Chic no.25.

About the palette:-
  • The applicator that comes with it is a Waste, Ignore and buy a new set of brushes!
  • The color is really pigmented and looks really pretty and not chalky.
  • It is a powder base shadow, but the way I use it you get a really good consistency.
Lets begin:- 

Follow the pictures and then read the description below:-

We are today working with the first palette . Smoky Sexy!

Step 1 -  Dampen your brush. {Use a proper eye shadow brush}. This helps the color to stick out more brighter and blends instantly against your skin.

Step 2 -  Apply a matte black shadow (first one)on your lids. Pat it lightly on your lids and you will have a rectangle sort of shape. Don't worry our second color will help us get the required shape!

Step 3 - Again dampen your brush and pick out the dull metallic  taupe (next to the matte black)and pat it just over the previous shade. Do not start blending them. Fill in the empty spaces like the end corners.

Step 4 - Now we don't want that harsh line we see in pic no.3, so we try to blend that but we use a different color this time. Now this color is called a blending color. It helps to amalgamate the two colors and adds a different dimension too.

Step 5 - Ideally you can use the sky blue in the first palette but I preferred using the silver+black shadow in palette no.2 called the Metallic CHIC.

Step 6 - Use a dry fluffy brush and pick both shadows one at a time & apply in a circular motion through out the harsh line. Do it till the harsh line becomes invisible. You WILL notice your lid color fading, go back to the matte black and touch up a little bit! Finally highlight your brow bones and inner corners using the white shadow of the Smoky Sexy palatte. Go back to the taupe shadow and apply on your lower lid as a eyeliner. And that's it.     

  •  This was just a basic smokey eye, I dint use any primer or concealer or eyeliner! I did use NYX  kajal and mascara because I just purchased them. {P.S. I will never buy NYX kajal again}.
  •  It took me a long time to get it right, So I do recommend a lot of practice and patience.{especially step 6} 
  • About the time span, This lasted well over 4 hours and then suddenly I felt something weighing  my eyes down  {not used to it}.
  • Along with the eye make-up I had done a soft subtle face make-up! Don't overdo the rest of the face. It might look jarring. 

So that was a pretty easy make-up tutorial!
C'est fini


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  2. This is so cool and easy..!!..i'll sure try it..:)
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  3. Really cool !! I will try them soon :D

  4. Looks great, you did a great job and great directions!

  5. nice tips.. liked how u have given even minute detailing.

  6. Great post dear...Love the way you blended.
    Pictures made it quite easy to try :)

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  7. ah! Smokey eyes<3


  8. looking really good on you !


  9. wow, you looks very GREAT with that dress

  10. thanks for sharing! inspiring post :)


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  13. good tutorial! luv this smokey eyes


  14. This looks beautiful! I love the shades of silver and gray you applied!

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  23. I love the final result is perfect and beautiful!


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  25. I like it! Somkey eye is very easy..I use some light color on the inner corners to make it stand out.


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