2 February 2012


Hello Dolls!!
I have a Contest/Giveaway for you guys!!!

I am sure by now you must have heard about GlossyBox, well if you still haven't then now its the right time!!
GlossyBox was kind enough to me to host a Contest over my blog, and one lucky winner would win The March  GlossyBox for  free!!!

Before I begin with the rules, Lets try understanding what exactly is a GlossyBox?

GlossyBox, as the name suggests is a gloss-full  box full of 5 premium sample size make-up, body care and perfume products carefully wrapped which get delivered right at your door step for a monthly subscription.

This concept is relatively new in India, but I have always loved the idea of trying different products
before buying the actual size product!
Loving it?

   Rules :-

Follow me via GFC (through 'Join this site' on right hand corner) and on my Facebook Page.

And ANSWER a Simple Question :-
Which season always gives you  flawless skin??
Comment in the comment box below!!

eg- My answer would be Summer, I always have a fresh Glow on face!!

This Contest end on 19th February 2012.


Disclaime - CandyVioleta.blogspot.com  & GlossyBox have collaborated for this Giveaway!


  1. Hi!
    facebook name: Kajal Aggarwal
    Follwed using name: Kajal Aggarwal

    My favorite season which helps to mantain flawless skin would the period between October and November. Since, I'm based in Delhi, We experience extremes here, Oct-Nov is the period when there is no excessive sweating,no oily skin hence no pimples and no biting winds,freezing chill and dry flaky skin. :D

  2. like candy violeta on fb: checked
    like glossybox india on fb: checked
    name : KP
    i love winters when it comes to skin... it beings in a peach/pink look to my cheeks (super save on blushes) and also brightens my face. i live in ahm which gives a tanned skin in d dry summer here, i never have had chapped skin probs in winter ever... my skin loves the cool breeze n flawless bright pinkish skin :)
    cheers to a happy face.

  3. Nice post x following you :)

    Blog : http://unicornboutique.blogspot.com/

    Shop : http://www.unicornboutique.co.uk/

  4. What a lovely contest!

    1. I was already a follower on GFC ;)
    2. Followed your Facebook page
    3. Liked Glossy's Box India on facebook
    4. Definitely Summer, because I am getting lovely tan and beautiful glow. And after some sunbathing I do like moisturize my skin which makes it even better :)


  5. thanks for your nice comment :)

  6. Lovely blog Gargi! Even my friend name is Gargi! :) Anyways joined you via GFC.Check my blog too!

  7. Hey nice blog, joining you right away,:) do check out my blog too

  8. Hey I would surely like to try glossybox.
    have already joined you on GFC as Muks.
    Liked both the pages.(My fb page : Eleganza
    Link : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eleganza/115322128587493?ref=tn_tnmn)
    My skin Glows in Winter for sure. It becomes so clean and clear, feels so good. Also When i go to any hill station , I just fall in love with my skin (maybe because of less pollution there) but winters really takes all the oil and dirt away from my skin.
    Fingers crossed :)
    My blog : www.muktajain3008.blogspot.com

  9. Hello CandyVioleta! I'm your new follower and don't think I followed you just because of this contest.Infact I saw this coming up in many blogs ,I was just not interested.*pinky promise!*

    However,since its come up so many times,my instincts tell me to be a part of this :D

    Which season gives me a flawless skin??!

    My answer'd be :- During the season of "falling in love". My skin glows like never these days. And simply coz I'm in love with somebody I'm soon going to marry! *so excited*

    I think I've fallen in love with my skin & myself again and again! And I know the reason why! Makes me glow inside-out! :)

    CandyVioleta,your blog rocks,lady! \m/
    I'm gonna keep visiting often!
    You can visit mine,only if you like! :)
    The Butterfly Effect

  10. hey I just came across your blog. Love it:)

    I wouldn't say that my skin is flawless in a particular season. It is flawless when I take care of it and drink lot of water. But if I have to particularly choose, I'd say summer:)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. Do have a look.


  11. Followed your rules! Well since I was named after a month, I'm a major weather person and my skin becomes flawless in spring.


  12. followed all the rules!
    GFC and FB name: dian ajeng maharani
    my skin becomes flawless in rainy season. yeah you know that my country only has two season--summer and rainy--and i hate summer because my face becomes over-dry. but in rainy season, it is real or just my feeling that my skin becomes so smooth and flawless. xoxo

  13. sweetie, i have my first giveaway too on my blog, you are invited to join it. if you dont mind, would you please to enter it? i will be so happy. kisses
    less sugar sweet candy

  14. Hey babe...Done with all the steps and for your question, Let me tell you that my skin glows the best during Winters in Delhi!!

    Also, I am hosting Boticca.com giveaway curretly, where you can win $100 worth of jewelery and accessories...So, I'll wait for you there :)

    Enter Boticca.com giveaway and win $100
    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  15. ok followed you..liked the pages..
    i would say the short spring that we get is my favourite..in summer it is too hot & winter is harsh on my skin.even monsoon is very kind on my skin!

  16. Hey Candy! i like to call you candy and not Gargi. no particular reason. :D
    Anyway, great to see you here. :)
    thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

    GFC name: Audere Agere Auferre
    Facebook name: Diksha Sharma

    My skin is best during winters, or so people say to me. :) spares me the tan, and gives my cheeks the oh-so-wanted pinkinsh glow. totally love it. :D
    keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  17. Also, id like it if you follow me too. :)


  18. Entered the giveaway and my answer would also be summer :)

  19. My answer would be winter :) My skin is mostly oily, so in winters it reaches the right balance! ;) Summers are really dreadful for me though, with all the heat and stuff! You're so lucky to have great skin in summers! :)

    Lovely blog btw! You're very pretty :) <3

    Also just saying, All That Glam is hosting a very easy giveaway with some amazing prizes, i'm sure you'd love to participate! Please do visit and see for yourself:

    Thank you! :)

  20. P.S. Have followed all the rules of the giveaway - just forgot to mention :P

  21. Oh what a wonderful giveaway :)
    Followed on all the above!

    And to answer that, I would say that my skin is the best in winters! I am totally a winter baby! Summers are awful, You are lucky to have great skin in summers!



  22. hi...
    GFC name: Swati
    fb handle: Swati Murti
    Followed both fb pages!!

    My skin is always at its best in spring and autumn. It's neither too dry nor too oily.

  23. Ariez Dustoor, The CEO of GlossyBox India has changed his title in his LinkedIn profile (http://www.linkedin.com/in/ariezdustoor). Until yesterday morning, his title was "CEO and Founding Partner of GlossyBox India". Yesterday it was changed to "working on a new venture ". I think GlossyBox is gone for good, dear.


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