18 April 2011

OMG CRAFTS!!!!!!!!

DIS is a really cool post!! And I LOVE IT!!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!! 
I am goin to teach u how to make a hair flower pin!!!
its so easy n cheap, u dun have to spend money on those available at forever new, zara, blah blah!!!

Things u ll need :-
  1.  Fabric!
  2.  Fabric glue 
  3.  Sewing kit
  4.  Hair pin
  5.  Felt.

1.  cut  10cms (diameter) long circle. make 6 of these!!!
2.  & cut 5 circles which measure 5cm (diameter)!!
 3.  Fold all the 11 circles u made, into halves, *INDIVIDUALLY*
4.  & those halves into halves. Dont they resemble like PETALS?. Stitch all the petals at the right angle.... Now place the BIGGER 6 petals such a way tht they form a circle. GLUE all the 6 on a piece of felt  or any sturdy fabric. This becomes ur first layer of ur flower pin. Now take 4 small petals n stick em up on the first layer. & the fifth one rite in the middle!!!


TA DA!!!!

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  1. Dear Gargi Salgaonkar:

    It was hard for us to resist the iconic craftsmanship .Your ‘floral brooch’ spoke up for itself –even a faux paus thingy could turn out into one’s fave! Not to mention your ‘stripey nails’. We would love to show case your little DIY creations on our global platform.

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